Get Loud If You Believe in Love, Acceptance, and Unity

Image courtesy of Alexandra Schaefer KarvalaI just spent an hour looking for a recent example of goodness stemming from religion in the United States of America. I wanted to believe that the ideals of love, and acceptance, and coming together in unity were still taught at the altars and in the Sunday schools. But my hour of searching led me to believe our churches have fallen to darkness.

I won’t bother challenging the haters. It’s abundantly clear they won’t listen to me. Hell, they wouldn’t bake me a cake if I paid them.

Instead, I’m issuing a very real call to action for any remaining good-hearted believers. If your worship has grown from the message that we are to love and accept one another so we ca come together in a united understanding, then please hear me.

The haters are winning.

The Adversary, the Lord of Ultimate Evil, uses some very insidious tools to turn people on one another. Fear. Hate. Intolerance. As I look at the religious leaders and their followers who are affecting current state and national governments, I see they’re using the same tools to rile people’s emotions. Fear. Hate. Intolerance.

And they’re so damned loud.

So here is my call to action: If you believe in Love, Acceptance, and Unity it’s time to turn the volume up.

Max out your volume and shout it: LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, and UNITY!!!

Show the media the good side of your faith. I know it’s there. I have come to love and cherish so many good-hearted believers, please don’t let your voices be overshadowed.

Your armor and weapons are in your volume. LOVE. ACCEPTANCE. UNITY.


Let’s go big with this. Don’t be silent about good things. If you are part of a group doing something that promotes Love, Acceptance, and Unity, announce it on my wall or yours with the tag #GetLoudAboutLove

** Image courtesy of Alexandra Schaefer Karvala