Karmic Amusement

I am often amused at the long-tail game karma takes with some people.

For the years I’ve been with Jason, he’s always said the same snide thing every time he sees a Lexus. Imparting as much derision a middle-class man can muster, he’d say, “Lexus get a new car.” I think he was making a crack about Lexus breaking down and therefore not worth the expense. He said it every time he saw one.

Lexus go get a new car.




Since my accident, we’ve been in car limbo while the insurance company works its end of the deal. They’ve been great – don’t think I’m at all upset. I’m not at all. But each hour of the unknown feels like forever.

Once we had the estimate from the body shop (ouch), it seemed pretty clear the insurance company would opt to scrap it.

Thus began our hunt for something that would satisfy Jason’s list of requirements and still have a few desirable extras. It’s amazing how quickly that list narrowed the choices.

The FJ Cruiser was no longer being made. The Highlander was too big and bus-like. So he came down a class.

After many YouTube test drive videos – a whole long night of them – he was down to the Toyota RAV4 and the Jeep Renegade Trailhawk.

Several model-specific videos later, the Jeep had eliminated itself.

Yet, what he liked in the Rav4 test drive videos (i.e. the 2017 model) isn’t being sold yet.

Lots of grumbling and deep sighs later, he tripped over a listing for a barely-used Lexus NX200-T. It’s the Lexus version of the RAV4. It had every one of the features he wanted, with a better engine, and only 11,000 miles on it.

That led to the emotional tornado. Should he? Shouldn’t he? What did I think? What would other people think?

I pointed out that I was never the one who had a problem with the Lexus. I prefer the better engine, better safety features, and upgraded amenities. I then pointed out that because it had been a fleet vehicle for a limited time, the low mileage had been well-maintained low mileage. But because of its fleet history it qualifies for used car pricing.

“But it’d be my first ‘luxury’ car!”

“True,” nodded this Maverick, “and your Mustang had been your first sports car, and the FJ had been your first off-road vehicle, and I was your first weirdo. Don’t be scared of this particular first.”

That was exactly the right wisdom to get him to laugh and test drive it.

Dang that was a nice ride. The trail-rated FJ attacked the street like a high-end truck looking for a muddy path. By comparison, the NX200-T made smooth love to the road.

It did not take long to win Jason over. After precious few smooth, corner-snogging miles the Lexus was foremost on Jason’s list.

Now we’re just waiting for the insurance to finalize the details, but the dealer is holding the NX for him. I hope that means I’ll only have to hear Jason’s stock statement one more time. Once he has the check in hand, I hope to hear happiness replace derision in his voice when he says, “Lexus go get the new car.”